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Take a guided trip on the water for a true holiday moment!

Board a pinassechaland or tour boat from Bélisaire Pier in Lège-Cap Ferret or one of the piers in Arcachon to discover the Île aux Oiseaux and its famous Cabanes Tchanquées.

Visit them at sunset for a unique panoramic view

The two wooden huts on stilts stand proudly in the heart of this protected natural site.

Originally built for supervising the oyster farms, they are no longer open to the public and cannot be visited on the inside.

The Cabanes Tchanquées stand alone and are surrounded by water with the changing tides. At high tide you can draw near and sail round them by boat, while at low tide their foundations are revealed and you can venture to the foot of the steps barefoot through the mud.

Entertainment guaranteed!

For those who fancy a bit of exercise, go to the Île aux Oiseaux by sea kayak. This is also the best way to see it close up.