When you come to Arcachon Bay you can also discover the perfectly preserved wildlife and natural sites at the heart of the Bay.

Set off on an idyllic walk through salt meadows, salt marshes and fish farming ponds in search of migrating birds.

Don’t forget to bring a pair of binoculars!

Walk along the paths

Wander through the Domaines de Certes-Graveyron along one of two different itineraries.

Choose between the longer circuit in Certes that covers 14 km and starts at the swimming bay in Lanton, or the one in Graveyron that is 5 km long and leaves from the port at Audenge.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy the magnificent sight of grey herons gracefully taking flight.

You will also get to see the swans, egrets, cormorants, black kites and even storks that live in the Domaines.

A short walk will take you to the unspoilt beach of Graveyron, which is the only one in Audenge. It is an ideal opportunity for a quick dip or a picnic, and the panoramic view of the Bay from the beach is certainly worth the visit!


Drifting along with the current

Climb into a canoe or kayak at the port of Cassy for an outing on the water and enjoy a different way to explore the Domaines de Certes-Graveyron. Along the way, you’ll meet walkers out for a stroll.

When you see a pontoon, take the opportunity to stop and watch birds flying overhead!