The National Salt Meadow Nature Reserve of Arès-Lège covers more than 350 hectares, from Jane de Boy in Claouey to the oyster port in Arès.

Savannah-like in summer and forest-like in winter, the salt meadows change appearance with the passing seasons.

Enjoy the unspoilt nature of the Bay and set out to discover a multitude of bird species and plenty of other wildlife!

The pair of binoculars is highly recommended!

Walk along footpaths at low tide…

You can get to the salt meadows in one of two ways, either from the port in Arès or along the path from Lège.

Set out to explore this attractive preserved natural site on foot.

Look out for salty-tasting Salicornia seagrass in places where the tide has gone out, and keep your eyes peeled for lizards hiding in the grass.

A short walk will take you to the unspoilt beach of Graveyron, which is the only one in Audenge.

There you will find the ideal spot for a quick dip or a picnic.

The panoramic view of the Bay from the beach is certainly worth the visit!

For more information, contact the Tourist Office in Arès.

Go on a tour with a nature guide

Be prepared for a unique encounter! Alexandre is a nature guide and passionate about this site. He makes a note of the birds and animals he sees in a little notebook, and if you look carefully he will show you European pond turtles camouflaged amid driftwood, or green lizards hiding on the banks.