Oyster-farming ports and villages are all part of the scenery in Arcachon Bay!

Each one has its own character and charm. Explore them on foot, by bike or even by boat for a true holiday experience!

Visiting the oyster-farming ports and villages is a tradition and a great experience packed with things to see and taste.

Visitors come to taste fresh oysters from the local oyster farmer at the water’s edge, stroll among the colourful huts or watch the comings and goings of the flat-bottomed boats.

Explore the oyster-farming villages

Among the most iconic oyster-farming villages, don’t miss out on L’Herbe on Lège-Cap Ferret peninsula. Famous for its brightly coloured wooden huts and Villa Algérienne Chapel, L’Herbe is a genuine picture-postcard village.

The oyster-farming village of Le Canon is an ideal place for strolling around and also boasts the Dune of Le Pilat as a backdrop. It is a point of departure for pinasse and chaland boats and for launches to visit the Banc d’Arguin, the île aux Oiseaux, the cabanes tchanquées and the peninsula coast. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits, because its little beaches are sure to tempt you for a dip! From the water, the 360° view of the colourful huts and the Dune of Le Pilat is just perfect!

Discover oyster-farming ports and their activities

When visiting the ports, you are also sure to meet the oyster farmers. The colourful huts bordering the ports often contain the necessary equipment for growing oysters.

As you walk among the huts you are bound to spot empty oyster traps out to dry!

Take a seat at the water’s edge in the lively ports of Arès or Andernos-les-Bains to watch the comings and goings of the flat-bottomed boats returning with oyster traps. For a more bucolic feel, head over to the port in Biganos. Spread out your picnic blanket with the family in the shade of the trees on the banks of the Leyre.

While exploring the ports, don’t miss out on Gujan-Mestras, the town with seven ports and the oyster-farming capital of Arcachon Bay. To find out more about the history of oysters and oyster farming, visit the Maison de l’Huître in Larros port. An essential part of any visit to Gujan-Mestras, it will teach you about the farming techniques in the Bay and oyster-farming over the centuries.