Park your car and leave it until the end of the holidays!

How about a challenge for you for this summer? Why not park your car and try not to touch it again until the end of the holidays? If you can’t bring your bike with you, go to one of the bike rental stores in Arcachon Bay.

During the holidays you will find it easier to cycle along the cycle paths, avoiding traffic jams and enjoying the moment all the more.

This is one of the most pleasant ways of exploring Arcachon Bay!

Don’t forget to pack a picnic in your basket, of course, or stop off in one of the Bay’s restaurants or oyster huts. Now that’s a real holiday outing!

A day discovering the local must-sees

The schedule for this exciting day begins with climbing the Dune of the Pilat. After the effort, you will be rewarded with an incredible view of the Banc d’Arguin and the Cap Ferret Lighthouse in the distance, which will be your next stop!

Head to Le Moulleau Pier in Arcachon to catch a boat to Cap Ferret. When you arrive, take time to stroll through the oyster-farming village, and why not taste a couple of Oysters sitting facing the Dune? Next, climb the stairs in the Lighthouse for a panoramic view of Arcachon Bay, and when you come back down, a little swim will be in order to round off the day nicely!

Dune du Pilat

Spend a day at the beach

Pack a good book, bat and ball or your surfboard! In Arcachon Bay you can choose between beaches on the ocean side, where the waves are bigger, or beaches on the Bay side, where the water is calmer and you can swim at high tide.

Enjoy a delicious ice cream

Ice creams and sorbets are an essential part of summer holidays! It is great being able to pick your favourite flavour after a day on the beach. There are a number of ice cream sellers in Arcachon Bay, including Sorbet d’Amour which has been making ice cream by hand since 1935! You can find them in Andernos, Arcachon, Cap Ferret and La Teste de Buch.

For foodies, why not taste the famous Dunes Blanches (white dunes) from Chez Pascal bakery, or buy a couple of chocolate oysters by Pierre Mirgalet in Arcachon or Gujan-Mestras ?

Have fun as a family

Head to the Bay of Leisure in Gujan-Mestras for a day that will delight children just as much as adults. Between slides, mini-golf, bowling and the Spa and swimming pool, it’s a great opportunity to get together and have fun as a family.

Get off the ground with a treetop adventure course in Andernos or Lège-Cap Ferret. There are varying levels of difficulty, so there’s no need to be a professional gymnast to have fun!

A day on a boat

If you’re a seafarer at heart you can hire a boat for an outing on the Bay. You can also take a tour in a pinasse boat with a boatmen who will be delighted to tell you all about the history of the Bay during a trip to the Banc d’Arguin or in front of the pretty villas in Cap Ferret. Last but not least, for budding sailors who don’t have a boating licence yet, sail at your own pace on the delta of the Lyre in an electric boat that doesn’t require a licence in the port of le Teich.

Climb aboard with the oyster farmers

A fantastic day awaits you! Board a flat-bottomed boat for a catch with an oyster farmer in his oyster beds. This authentic experience will help you discover a difficult but fascinating profession and meet just as fascinating people.

To book, telephone the accredited professionals directly !

Have fun losing yourself in the countryside

Lose yourself, yes, but only metaphorically! What better than finding an area of countryside for getting away and spending your holidays differently? The paths in Domaines de Certes-Graveyron and Domaine de Fleury in Le Teich provide the opportunity to watch wildlife in their natural habitat, with birds in the air or on the ground, and Blonde d’Aquitaine cows which always have their feet firmly on the ground and their noses in the grass!

In the Salt Meadows in Arès-Lège, a different and wilder countryside awaits you which even seems savannah-like at times. Magical!

(Re)discover the oyster-farming ports

A new street, a pretty coloured house, a bench to sit on and watch the world go by… the oyster-farming ports are always great places for relaxing and taking time out.

Go to Gujan-Mestras with its 7 ports to discover the work of the oyster farmers, or Andernos, Arès, Cap Ferret, L’Herbe and Le Canon. Those who love “tucked-away” spots will adore the port in Tuiles, Le Four, and the L’Aiguillon district.