Make the most of the fine weather with a weekend in the Bay

As the days start to lengthen and the spring sun begins to break through, what’s better than treating yourself to a weekend in Arcachon Bay? Finding a guest room, or gite is all part of the fun of the organisation.

Make the most of the first spring days to book your accommodation. You will find a couple of real gems, particularly if you book in advance!

Rediscover the pleasure of sitting on the terrace

It’s not only nature which starts to wake up in Spring, but us too! The first rays of sun bring with them the perfect opportunity for sitting out on a terrace in one of our restaurants or simply in an oyster hut, with a glass of white wine and a couple of freshly-opened oysters.

Take a walk to see nature waking up

One thing’s for sure, along the paths of Piraillan and in Domaine de Fleury, you’ll definitely want your camera to capture the first blossom on the trees and the first springtime walks!

If you prefer, you can also wander into the Ville d’Hiver of Arcachon with its typical little streets. You will have great fun losing yourself in this neighbourhood until you reach the Sainte-Cécile Observatory.

Don’t forget the port of Biganos, which offers a charming contrast. This unusual port is surrounded by countryside and is a true delight to discover!

Get a breath of sea air

The air is still slightly cool and very pleasant! Head to the piers where walkers enjoy watching fishermen or simply admiring the view.

Why not joining them? Pack your own rod and settle down for a spot of fishing in Andernos, with the colourful huts behind you and the Bay in front of you. Strollers will also enjoy losing themselves in the little streets of the oyster-farming ports , on the lookout for the most attractive spots.

La Cabane à huîtres de l

Get back into sport

Why not getting back into good habits before summer arrives? Go jogging amid the ocean spray on the beach or cycle through pine forests alone (or almost!) to see nature waking up after its winter hibernation… A great way of combining necessity with leisure!

Springtime is also an opportunity to try new activities, such as surfing at Le Grand Crohot beach in Lège-Cap Ferret, or kitesurfing at La Hume beach in Gujan-Mestras.