Arès, perfect for a family holiday

Sitting between Bay and countryside, Arès is full of surprises!

Come and enjoy visiting its oyster port or natural sites on the lookout for protected species.

Arès is accredited as a “Family Plus” location, and is the ideal place for a perfect family holiday with children.

Stroll through the oyster port

Head over to the colourful cabins in the oyster port in Arès! The comings and goings of the flat-bottomed boats and the flower-covered alleys create a perfect spot for strolling around, while the nearby rolling countryside of the salt meadows offers a completely different view. Take the opportunity to taste a couple of excellent oysters with a glass of white wine.

Immerse yourself in the salt meadows

Start at Saint Brice or the oyster port and set off along the signposted paths in the National Salt Meadow Nature Reserve. Keep your eyes open along the way and you might catch sight of some European pond turtles and green lizards, which are sure to delight the children!

Picnic at Triangle de Pereire

Spread out your picnic blanket on Triangle de Pereire beach or at St Brice in the shade of the pine trees. After lunch, head off to discover tucked-away spots in the local area and on the water’s edge. St Brice bay is the only place you can swim when the tide is out.

Outings in the forest

Head to the forest of Arès for an outing surrounded by nature, and set off on foot or by bike through the maritime pines for the day. There are plenty of spots along the way for resting in the shade of the trees.

Explore bike paths and footpaths

Pack your picnic basket and set out along the bike and footpaths to discover the different aspects of Arès. Don’t forget to enjoy a spot of well-earned swimming along the way!

Walk along the Arès pier

The pier in Arès is known to be the oldest in Arcachon Bay. It used to be the mooring point for fishermen, and at low tide you can walk along it and admire an attractive view of the Bay.