Lège-Cap Ferret and childhood memories

Viewed from the sky, this peninsula appears to be putting its arms affectionately around Arcachon Bay. Down on the ground, the 11 villages making up Lège-Cap Ferret all invite you to enjoy a holiday at your own pace, and take the time to do nothing or to try everything at once… Because that is what makes a genuine holiday!

Marvel at the views from Cap Ferret lighthouse

If this is your first visit to Arcachon Bay, you absolutely must climb to the top of Cap Ferret. This will allow you to see the bay and its many perspectives all in one go! Even on return visits, you will see that there are always new landscapes to discover.

Visit Cap Ferret point by bike

Lège Cap-Ferret has no lack of bicycle paths. If you cycle out from Claouey or one of the villages you can easily get to the point of Cap Ferret, passing some lovely natural spots on the way. To make the most of your day, don’t forget to hop off to enjoy oysters, dip your feet in the water, or stop for a well-earned ice-cream!

The joy of a real holiday, of doing everything or nothing, all at your own pace !

Ocean Beaches

The joy of waves! In Lège Cap-Ferret, you can choose between the charming, calm beaches of the bay or those on the Atlantic Ocean. There are four in total: Grand Crohot Beach, Horizon Beach which can be reached via a mini train that children love, Truc Vert Beach and Garonne Beach. Lots of opportunities to try somewhere different virtually every day of your holiday!

surf bassin arcachon cap ferret

Cap Ferret market

In the morning, after a lovely breakfast on the terrace, pick up a basket and head to Cap Ferret market! You will love the atmosphere, and above all the stands on offer. As well as fruit and vegetables, you will also find lots of traders selling jewellery, clothing, home textiles and fashion accessories.

Visit Pointe aux Chevaux for panoramic views of the Banc d’Arguin sandbank

There are lots of ways to discover the Banc d’Arguin. For the full-on experience, nothing beats a family day out with a picnic. For picture-postcard photos, come to the Pointe aux Chevaux, which offers the most beautiful views of this magical location. Then you can head down the steps for a stroll through the village of Grand Piquey.

A pinasse boat trip at Arcachon Bay

Why not use your holiday to enjoy a boat trip? After wandering through oyster villages on foot, this is an opportunity to get a different view from the bay itself. All year round, you will be delighted by the changing colours of the landscape, a photographer’s delight.

From shop to shop in Grand Piquey

If you like browsing decor stores, head along the Bordeaux road to Grand Piquey and one of the area’s four best known stores. Nearby, you will also love bargain-hunting in Petit Piquey. Why not pick up a souvenir of the bay to remind you of your holidays day after day?

Picnic on Truquette Beach

Picnics are a vital part of a proper holiday. These are the moments that create beautiful memories to keep you going all year round! Truquette Beach is one of our favourite spots. Picnic tables stand in the shade of pine trees, with magnificent views of the beach of the same name.