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How about a trip out for the day to discover the work of an oyster farmer or fisherman in Arcachon Bay? When you think of oyster farming, it’s often to savour a couple of fresh oysters outside a restaurant, or while buying fresh fish from market stands… But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
Find out more about the work of an oyster farmer or fisherman, get to know these local personalities with Pescatourisme and spend a moment or two living the life!

Live the life of an oyster farmer or fisherman in Arcachon Bay

When talking about Arcachon Bay, we sometimes forget that fishing and oyster farming are a part of the locals’ everyday life. While everybody knows a little about the basics of this profession, nobody thinks about the everyday aspects of things. Find out all about their work and habits by boarding a vessel for a fishing trip with Christophe, Yann, Nicolas, Sébastien and others. As well as being extremely fond of the Bay, they are true enthusiasts!

But first of all, there’s a decision to make… You can discover the work of an oyster farmer or fisherman, according to your preference. Although both are seafaring professions, they offer unique experiences. Aboard the boat, your hosts will not only show you their work, but will tell you about the history of the Bay and its wildlife. Imagine exchanging tales on a fishing boat or chaland in the middle of Arcachon Bay… A dream come true!

The oyster farmers will take you to their oyster farms to turn or cast their oyster bags or bring them to land. Sounds easy? Just wait and see! The return journey will be just as enjoyable as the outbound trip, as you taste fresh oysters with just a drop of lemon juice of course!

With the fishermen, you will see them casting their equipment and hauling in their nets, and will discover that these local fishermen are very respectful of nature. Small fish are thrown back straight away! On the way back, take the opportunity to pick up a couple of good holiday recipe ideas.

Don’t miss out, the tide won’t wait!

Booking required with authorised oyster farmers and fishermen.

For more information and advice, contact the Maison de l’Huître in Larros port in Gujan-Mestras, or go to one of the Bay’s Tourist Offices.

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