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On holiday on the Bay ?

Plan a day to visit Bordeaux, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city. Less than an hour by train or car from the Bassin d’Arcachon, Bordeaux is the must-see in the region. Discover the capital of Girondine !

ruelle pavée de Bordeaux

Visit the Cité du vin

In the morning, from the opening, visit la Cité du Vin. At the top, you will enjoy an incredible panorama on the Garonne and you can even enjoy a glass of wine, at the end of the visit !

From the great wines of Bordeaux to wines from all over the world, the museum offers a fun and sensory journey !

Strolling through the cobbled streets

After the Cité du Vin, the tram will take you to the Quartier Saint-Pierre. Its historic cobbled streets invite you to stroll and take a café on the terrace, accompanied by a fluted, Bordeaux speciality !

Place for lunch, in the Fernand Lafargue district. This trendy area is home to small «hipster» restaurants, where you can eat very well! Not far from here, you will find the Grosse Cloche, a true Bordeaux emblem.

Le miroir d

Cool off at the Water Mirror

Nothing beats a nice digestive walk on the quays of Bordeaux. When the weather is good, it’s nice to soak your feet at the Miroir d’Eau, a must for a first visit to Bordeaux.

Opposite, the Place de la Bourse is unveiled, beautiful by day and by night. And if you feel like it, you can sit on the steps of the Water Mirror, to read in front of the Garonne like a real Bordelais !

Shopping trip on Sainte-Catherine Street

From Place de la Bourse, walk up Rue Saint-Rémi (known for its many restaurants), and you are in the longest shopping street in Europe: Rue Sainte-Catherine. Before the shopping spree, the Grand Théâtre at the top of the street arouses curiosity. This magnificent monument recalls ancient buildings by its exterior architecture.

A few minutes away, the Place des Quinconces often hosts events: fairground, flea market, circus… On this largest square in Europe, don’t miss the monument to the Girondins and its fountain, north of the square!

From big stores to small shops, Rue Sainte-Catherine is a shopping paradise! The new shopping center Promenade Sainte-Catherine, allows you to walk, shop and fall for a snack.

Marvel at Bordeaux at night

At night, cross the Pont de Pierre, the oldest in the city of Bordeaux. From the left bank, the view is magnificent. You can admire the lights of Bordeaux, the illuminated quays and the Place de la Bourse in all its splendour. On this bank of the river, very good restaurants face directly on the Garonne. You can dine with a view of the right bank, a beautiful evening in perspective !

Practical information

  • When you arrive in Bordeaux, if you can, park your car in one of the many car parks to avoid traffic jams and parking fees. Especially since Bordeaux is a city very well served by trams.

  • An air of Bordeaux, a website with lots of ideas for outings and walks in the city.
  • If you want to discover the surroundings of Bordeaux and its vineyards, Saint-Émilion is a small medieval village very friendly to visit.
  • For a tasting tour in the Bordeaux vineyards, you will find what you need on the site bordeauxwinetrip.fr.